Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, single or married, with or without children, life can be fast-paced, demanding and sometimes overwhelming. Without proper systems in place, the home you live in will reflect chaos. Whether you’re just getting started on your organizational journey or you're already an organizing “junkie,” TideeBox provides clever and convenient solutions to help you avoid running late, looking for those lost items and getting frustrated because the items are piling up.

Founded by professional organizer and declutter wiz, Tamar Bazin, TideeBox was created to bring a little fun to making life more functional for everyone. From Type A to laid- back, TideeBox is the perfect solution for every walk of life. Inspired by creative problem solving, maximizing every inch of a space and having a positive impact on people’s lives, TideeBox is a labor of love for Tamar.

With over a decade of experience in Public Relations, she has maintained a foundation and passion for professional organizing and support. She has worked with clients from all facets of the entertainment industry, managing publicity, managing calendars and detailed travel itineraries for various clients. “I believe that my organizing background and diverse experience brings effective problem solving skills as well as provides an outstanding opportunity for professional development and personal growth.”

Tamar’s greatest strength lies in the fact that being organized is completely a way of life and not an acquired skill. Over many years of helping others declutter their lives, she has been able to refine this skill so that she can share the knowledge with others. Hence the creation of TideeBox.