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A Little Bit About Us

TideeBox is dedicated to helping people take control of their lives by shipping high-quality, innovative and functional solutions for organizing the world around them right to their door. For a monthly fee, subscribers receive 6-7 handpicked organizational themed items which helps individuals locate a place for everything they own (up to a $75+ value) every other month. Best of all, there is no contract, you can skip a month or cancel anytime. 

You’ve come to this site for a reason. Perhaps your home office is a disaster area, and you’ve misplaced bills, receipts or other important papers. Maybe your kids’ rooms are so full of toys that you can no longer walk. Perhaps you’ve given up hope of ever finding anything in your chaotic closet. And just thinking about tackling these jobs by yourself gives you major stress and concern. Well you’ve come to the right place! 

With the help of professional organizers, every TideeBox will have a curated assortment of mystery items, alongside the option to customize your box based on your needs.

What To Expect in Your Box:
January is Get Organized month, so in February we'll be shipping a variety of items to help make your life easier. In March,  We'll be sending you products to help you organize your linen closet and clothing closets. In May we'll be sending you tools to organize your office and kitchen, In July we'll be sending you items to help organize your child's play area and your bathroom and etc. The goal is that in one year you will have organized every part of your home and will have gained the knowledge to remain organized.